martedì 17 dicembre 2013

Crazy Idea- English version

Hello guys,
as you know sometimes, my dad and I, enjoy ourselves inventing something new… and this time we have a really #CrazyIdea
But give me some moments to explain you my story … my dream.
It all started last March when we decided to create this blog for having a place where we can chat about my day with the Kart.
The first time I drove a kart I was 3 and … I’m still on the kart ;-)
People liked my story .. a lot of good person (you all) started follow and support me with love and passion.
Today I’m 8 and, next year I’ll race the “Italian Championship Kart” (so proud of me)

As you know, compete at this level is toooooooooo expensive and there is the needs of sponsors that support you.
‘Cause of this economy difficult moment and ‘cause of lack of kart-follower in Italy, isn’t easy to find someone able to believe in you, to support you … even if … maybe … no, ok certainly they repent of this J
So here, in this moment, the #CrazyIdea come to life
Someone of you offered me an economic support, but (luckily) I don’t need that. I need a sponsor that believe in me, that help me realizing my big dream
So we have this crazy idea: and if you, yep you, become my sponsor? If all the people that trust in me, that follow and support me with love, that enjoy my story become my sponsor?
This will be really cool guys … imagine: you, a sofa, the TV, the Championship and you … you that turn your head toward your friend that is sitting right close to you and say: “you know, he’s my pilot and with MY pilot, I mean my own” … this would me more than cool, believe me
Ok, now stop imagine and listen to me ;-)
We found this site of Crowdfoundin that really like our project give us the chance to present it to you, so you can finance it.
The project will be open for 60 days. In this 60 days we have to reach the goal or everything will be lost L
If you want, you can help us with a small donation (5 €) … and become a sponsor … if you haven’t the possibility to do it I ask you a favor: show this project with your family and friends. Scream this hastag #SocialKart

Thank you all, it wasn’t be a problem even if all go down, we like to try and we love dream.
Dream with me guys, see you soon

This the Link of the Project :

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